Answer the
important questions …
should I
wear on my
big date?
Does this
make me
look SEXY?
How can I find
the perfect
matching pumps
to go with this?

Good On Me is the new iPhone app that helps you with all of your clothing challenges.    With Good On Me you use your iPhone to take pictures of yourself in your clothes.  Then you can mix and match your results, browse your wardrobe and if you still can’t decide post the photo on Facebook and ask your friends “Does this look good on me?

This fun new app brings your clothes to life and helps you make those big decisions as you plan your day. It even helps you shop for clothes that match your wardrobe or record new items you see when you are out shopping.

Our new “Photo Shoot” feature lets you take 4 pictures of you in your favorite outfit.   This helps the budding model in you come out and show your outfit and your personality on line.    It’s fun, try it, you’ll like it.